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Safari tent

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Deluxe safari tents
4 and 6 person

When you think of camping, you often immediately think of a tent. Camping may give you a free vacation feeling, but who likes setting up tents when you actually want to enjoy vacation?

Fortunately, a safari tent is already waiting for you when you arrive at the campsite. Your vacation can begin immediately! Inflating your airbed and cooking on a gas stove are also a thing of the past. In fact, at these Safari tents you are equipped with all the comforts.

Want to enjoy a worry-free vacation? Then you should definitely check out our offer on this page and rent a safari tent at Camping Tussen de Diepen in Blokzijl



When you rent a safari tent from us, all those annoyances are a thing of the past. The tent is ready when you arrive, so all you have to do is unload your stuff and your vacation can begin. It’s not that much stuff, because the safari tent itself is already equipped with a lot of conveniences. A lot of useful things are already there. For example, you don’t have to inflate an air mattress. There is already a double bed for adults. For children, there are bunk beds in a separate room. That way you’ll have a lot of air left over for the inflatable boat or beach ball, or you can ride your bike some more.

Furthermore, we placed a mobile kitchen in the tent. With this you can cook outside in nice weather and make the neighbors jealous with the most delicious dishes. You can’t make it up or forget to bring it or we have it in the tent. So sit back under the awning and enjoy a wonderful vacation in one of our safari tents.